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Established 2002


director: Johnny Lindsay (B.A. Otago)

director: Britannia Coins 1981-1988 Dunedin



Otago Coin began in December 2002 as a modest coin shop in Mosgiel, Otago.  Becoming an on-line business in February 2005,  Otago Coin then became international, trading in all of the main continents.

Our website began on 18th November 2014.   

We offer a fully professional efficient service.


*Collectors are NOT served at our office ~ all collectors are served ONLINE.


  1. All collector needs are served via blue link from this website.
    Collectors are not served at our office.
  2. Any other visitor calling at our office must first make an appointment.
    Please show your I.D. (your passport or driving licence)…
    when arriving at the office security entrance.

Otago Coin ~ online ~ Here for you. πŸ™‚


Hours of availability: 10 to 5 weekdays, 11 to 5 Saturdays and Sundays.
PHONE (03) 484 7575 otagocoin@gmail.com



“Johnny is probably the most honest, up-front and straight shooting person I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. He’s a man of his word and as reliable as they come. It has been a pleasure and an honor to deal with him.” – Derek, Seattle. 2014

“The coins have arrived so quickly, and look fantastic.
Such prompt, efficient service – I’ll definitely be back again for more!
Thanks once again for all your help.” – Julie, NZ. 17.2.17

“Great token and excellent fast service. Will be back again” – Mark, NZ. 31.1.17

β€œThanks very much for doing the research and getting an offer so quickly. I am happy to accept your offer and feel it is more than fair. After speaking with you, I am very pleased to be doing business with you.” – Leigh, NZ 19.10.17
(NOTE: The vendor sent these coins to me by courier. It was a large accumulation of very old silver coins, mainly Victoria crowns, but some silver before 1660 that required research. Fortunately I do have a large coin catalogue library for this purpose, and I also needed to find their present market value on-line, worldwide).

“Thanks Johnny, I have been looking to add this particular coin to my collection for 20 years, so I’m extremely happy. Amazing price, thank you so much”. Invercargill, 4.5.18
(NOTE: This was a Tiberius denarius)

“That is better than I was expecting, Most grateful and I accept (your) generous offer .
Thank you”. 10.4.19
(NOTE: A North Island collector offered his discard ancient coins)

Hi – I thought you might like to see my lovely Roman coin. I was delighted to find it on your website so I owe you a vote of thanks. Toni, 12.8.19
(Toni wanted to identify the emperor and accessed this Otago Coin website to do so).

On the phone this morning the caller said:
β€œI was told by ……. that you are the best to deal with”
(Now I don’t get to hear that very often
let alone be told the name of the referee.
I just have little idea how I rank amongst the multitude of traders). 17.9.19

“Hi Johnny πŸ™‚
Thank you πŸ™‚
I can’t ask for any better service πŸ™‚
You are a real star πŸ™‚
You can tell your wife I said that” πŸ™‚
This was from Steve after he purchased some of our website lots.
One of the best and friendliest communicators I have ever traded with.
(Yes, I did share this with Sandra). 29.10.19

“Thank you very much Johnny you have answered enough questions for me thank you”. Talia.
Talia asked me to identify a coin she had. 21.4.21

“Thanks for the information.  That is the best I have had so far.  Have a great day”. Craig
I was in the middle of adjusting a complicated series of coding tags on my website.  I thought ‘Not now’ when Craig’s email came in ~ but it was time for a break.   I don’t know Craig but I do know that sharing information can sometimes lead to good business. 5.5.22

MORE FEEDBACKS? These are typical of the comments I keep receiving ~ so I see no point in entering more feedbacks.  EDITOR



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