COLLECTIONS of coins and banknotes, medals, war medals,

NZ & World coins, accumulations and bulk low value coins,

All world silver, copper  coins

gold coins, alluvial gold, gold nuggets,

ancient Roman and Greek coins,

Islamic coins and coins of India,

medieval hammered coins (coins made before machinery),

World uncirculated and proof silver and gold coins,

in plush presentation cases, singles, sets and in albums,

military medals: British, Crimean War, Boer War, WWI and WW2, etc.

military badges: British and German.

Old stamp accumulations in envelopes, boxes, bags or other containers.


All presentations offered must be negotiable at the point of sale.

If you are unable to sell or negotiate ~ this is not fair dealing.

My offers reflect, in proportion, the market value that sellers present.

FAIR PRICES: Our prices are fair and reflect NZ and World market prices.

1. SENDING YOUR ITEMS TO US BY COURIER: Please phone or email first…

(Johnny and Sandra).
PHONE (03) 484 7575 ~ or email

2. BRINGING TO OUR OFFICE: Please make an appointment by phone or email. When you arrive, either knock or phone 484 7575 at the office security door. When one of us attends you ~ please show your I.D. (your passport or driving licence).

HOURS of availability: 10 to 5 weekdays, 11 to 5 Saturdays and Sundays.
PHONE (03) 484 7575 ~ or email

Call me Johnny…

Otago Coin ~ Here for you:

Because of Covid ~ More people from all over NZ…
are sending their items by overnight courier to our Office…
…and are PAID PROMPTLY by online banking.
(Therefore ~ Covid-FREE trading).


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Orders may be placed directly from this site by ~ email. Use a blue link

Or you may use the contact form on the ‘Contact Us’ page. In your message please include:

  1. A brief description of the item you want to buy.
  2. The stock number.
  3. Your address and phone number.
  4.  The courier charge is $6. (rural is $10.)

Bookkeeping Charge: On any order with a total retail value under $25. ~ a bookkeeping charge of $15. will be added to the invoice. Otherwise a Bookkeeping charge will not be added.

Our sales invoice will then be sent by email. All items are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Use a blue link to send your order 

Invoices sent asap.


This enables the sending of your items.

Payments are made online when you receive the invoice banking details.

Your payment will be instant if you use the ANZ Bank.

Payments transfers from other banks are expected to appear in…

our ANZ account by the following banking day.

Those who decide to pay later will receive their final order.


It is always best to reply promptly to my emails.
This assists completing your order within a reasonable time.
Those who take days to reply ~ must shop elsewhere.


The photos of sale items closely represent what the eye sees.

However ~ please note that any camera and lighting will distort an image.

Johnny enhances the images to bring them back to what he sees.

This involves lightening an otherwise dark image and close-cropping.

He avoids enhancing to ‘improve’ the quality of what he sees.

Returns allowed if the wrong item is received.

Otherwise before making your purchases ~ be certain about them

because when you receive all of  the items you bought ~ the sale is completed.  

So please be careful.  Any other situation will be decided by Sandra and myself.


ALL circulated coins and other older items on this website are GENUINE

unless I specify otherwise ~ they are all used ORIGINALS…
they may be marked, worn or counterstamped during circulation.
Official re-strikes, ancient fouree coins, ancient imitative Celtic, tribal or…
similar issues, Paduans and proof coins are described accordingly.
Modern reproductions, fake coins or any similar issue intended to deceive the buyer…
will not be listed on this website.
(I cannot have fakes on this website because that would undermine trust).
Any buyer desiring a certificate for purposes of insurance, peace of mind or other:
A CERTIFICATE of AUTHENTICITY (optional) costs an extra $17.75 added to the invoice.